How To Extend Puffin Browser Flash Free Trial Up To One Year [iOS/ Android]

We knew that iOS did not support Adobe Flash, the web page become blank page as browsing website with flash content. Apple store have lot of web browser apps with Adobe flash supported but most of all are paid app, if you looking for iOS web browsers that allow you playing flash games or video on iPhone and iPad, now Puffin Web Browser app giving free trial with Adobe flash supported up to one year.

Puffin browser is web browser with flash that encapsulates remote flash technology to enlighten the mobile users to watch Flash videos and games, that all by running Flash on their US servers.

Before that Techgravy blog shared iSwifter web browser with flash app that can playing flash games on web browser but is available free for the first 7 days for you to evaluate only. Puffin browser having free and paid version on iTunes app store and Google play store but free version is free use for the first 14 days, recent Puffin browser having promotion activities allow you recommend Puffin to your friends and asking them enter referrer code into Puffin web browser, both you and your friends will get 4 more weeks of flash trial time. Moreover, you may invite up to 12 friends to extend the trial period to provide an additional 48 weeks (one year) of trial time.

Puffin browser


This promotion activities support iOS and Android Puffin Web Browser.

One Year Flash Trial Time Puffin Browser

1.After install Puffin browser free version, then go to setting > check free trial, we can know that how many days left of trial time and referrer code.

Flash on androidPuffin promotion


2.We can share this promotion activities to Facebook. As your friends download Puffin Web Browser and enter in referral code, both of you will get 4 more weeks of trial time.

Puffin web browser promotion activities


Download Puffin web browser free version from iTunes app store or Google play store.

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