How To Extend LastPass Premium Free Trial Up To Two Years

LastPass Premium is a password management tool that allow users manage all the website login details in a single, cross platform compatible password vault without remember individual usernames and passwords. We can sign in as a free user but if we need advance features that can support iPhone, Android or others mobile platform and ad-free, upgrade to premium is essential which costs $12 per year. If you want to enjoy advance features, now LastPass offering LastPass premium free trial up to 2 years without pay any fees.

LastPass password storage enables you only need to remember the master password to unlock your secure password vault. This tool integrates with all popular browsers and mobile platform which act as lastpass mobile which can automatically fill the login boxes for all your stored website accounts, so there is no need to even type the username and password. When you access a site that is not yet stored your password vault, the program will offer you to capture the login information and make is accessible for future one click login, moreover it’s allows you to access your vault from different computers and browsers and even from the website. Refer LastPass free and premium comparison chart.

Lastpass premium two years free trial


Currently LastPass having promotion activities allow you recommend LastPass to your friends, you both get a free month of lastpass premium account once sign up, you may invite up to 24 friends to extend the trial period by accumulate up to 2 years of free months.

Lastpass password management


LastPass Premium Free Trial Up To 2 Years

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If you are create a account successful then you will receive a email inform that you are entitled one free month of premium account.

Lastpass premium password storage


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