Expat Shield : OpenVPN From UK

I received quite a lot email regarding any free UK VPN recommended caused some free UK VPN that i sharing in Techgravy blog  already become paid service,the main purpose using UK VPN are watch UK TV program like BBC or channel 4,protect their privacy as browsing internet or anti censorship.Today i like to recommend this UK VPN ‘Expat Shield‘.

expat shield

Expat Shield is openVPN platform and their server is from UK region.You need to install a software client before enjoy UK VPN service.Expat Shield supports HTTPS connection,download manager,browsing intenet and watch UK TV program.As i use expat shield browsing internet,there are no different compare with using normal internet connection,a pop up advertisement will appear at top of your web page as using expat shield connection ( i think it’s fair as using a free UK VPN service).

Download Expat Shield (compatible with Windows XP/Vista/7).

expat shield


PS : If you encounter disconnection after install expat shield,try to install expat shield again and connect.