Evaphone : Make Free VoIP Call From PC To Phone

Some of the PC to phone call services in internet will request installing software inside ours computer then can use their free call services.Now,i present to you a free VoIP call services without install software,just visit their website and make call ( free of charge).

Evaphone is provided free VoIP call services that let you make PC to phone free international call.You need to visit their website and then select the destination country and key in the phone number,then click the phone icon to make call.


Evaphone website will display a short promo video before the phone call to be connected. ( that why is free services for us). Moreover,these free call services are limited to maximum 5 minuter per call and 2 calls per day .

I tried it connected to my handphone,the sound is clear and don’t have any distortion sound.If you wanted to make free call exceed 2 calls per day limit,using proxy to connect it,i guess Evaphone is detected our IP address to determine this limitations.

Enjoy your free call.

PS: Please using IE web browser visit Evaphone website and make call,other web browser will hang during making call.