Enable Opera 10 Hidden Features

These few days i was using Opera 10 browsing internet.I noticed that some of my Firefox browsing habits like ‘Super drag and drop’,’Double click close tab’ and etc can’t get in Opera 10 web browser.After searching internet,then i found the solution.

The features that i mentioned above no need rely on plugin or any extension in Opera 10,it has been build in but disable by default on Opera web browser. Firefox use ‘about:config’ changing the advanced setting.Opera also has its ‘hidden’ setting that can key in ‘opera:config‘ in address bar,then can changing the advanced setting inside Opera.

Enable Super Drag & Drop

Enter in ‘Enable drag’ in finding column.Change the value from 247 to 255 and click ‘Save’.


Enable double click close tab

Same as other web browser Opera can use Ctrl + W closing open tab.If you prefer using mouse click then you can find the option ‘Doubleclick to Close Tab’,enable it by putting a check,then ‘Save’ it.


Change Cache directory in Opera

You may use Ramdisk to store Opera cache increasing access speed.We can use ‘Cache Directory4’ changing cache storage location.