Enable LINE App Messages Password Protect, Lock Messages From Being Read

If you are a heavyweight LINE messenger user, you may want to protect LINE app messages with a password. Your friends or family often use your phone and may read LINE messages secretly, this become necessary to protect your LINE messages privacy and prevent others reading your LINE app messages, password protect on LINE messages are a good idea on Android and iPhone.

We no need install third party app to protect messages privacy for being read without ours acknowledge. New version LINE messenger app for iPhone and Android has been updated with build in password protected feature which locks LINE messages with 4 digit security pin.

Turn On LINE App Messages Password Lock

Run LINE messenger > Settings > Privacy > Passcode Lock, put a check to turn on passcode lock.

Line app messages password protedt


Then key in 4 digit security pin twice to enable password protected feature.

Set up password on LINE appLINE protect with password


From now on, anyone trying to open LINE on your mobile phone will have to enter your 4 digit security pin. This security pin is different with your LINE app account password.

The annoying thing is LINE app will lock as Android phone screen is in sleep mode, we need to enter security pin repeatedly.

Please take note if you forgot the 4 digit security pin then you have to uninstall LINE app on your mobile phone and install back again, all the LINE app messages will be lost after re-installed.

You can follow below tutorial how to back up LINE chat messages on Android and iPhone.

Are you need password protect for LINE app ?

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