How To Enable Facebook Share On IPhone And Android

In Facebook desktop version it’s easy to share an image, link or video with Facebook friends by click Facebook share options, however we can’t find Facebook share button on iPhone, iPad and Android version, so how to share photos and link if we access Facebook through mobile ?

We will notice a Facebook sharing option as using Facebook desktop version,

Facebook share on desktop version


Facebook app for iPhone and Android we can’t find any Facebook share button allow us to have Facebook sharing link, video or image.

Facebook sharing disable on Facebook app


Since Facebook launched Facebook app for iPhone and Android long time ago, i believe most of us already seldom using Facebook mobile version ( log in to ours Facebook account. Recently Facebook mobile version having an update that add in Facebook sharing option allow users share image and link on Facebook like using Facebook desktop version as usual.


Facebook Share Option On Facebook Mobile

Visit with Safari browser on iPhone and iPad, or build in web browser on Android phone and log in with your Facebook account.

You will find a Facebook sharing button added into Facebook wall, tab it then can share through Facebook with your friends.

Facebook mobileFacebook mobile sharing option


Some of the multiple Facebook share link, video or image you can’t find sharing option appeared. Now you need to tab on original sharing location (the example in here is tabbed on photo), then you will notice Facebook sharing option appear below the photo.

Facebook mobile share buttonsharing option on Facebook mobile

I believe this Facebook sharing option will be adding to Facebook app for iPhone and android soon but now, we have to use Facebook mobile version temporarily if we need Facebook share option to be enable on ours smartphone.

IOS users can transform Facebook mobile URL to icons app and putting on iPhone or iPad home screen, tab it and access website quickly.

PS: Facebook app on iPhone and android got update with Facebook share link option (16/11/2012).