How To Enable Call Recording Feature On iPhone

Some readers asked me is there any call recorder app for iPhone after they read free Android call recorder – InCall Recorder post. Well recording phone call may illegal or legal in your country and this reason caused we can’t find such similar call recording app in Apple iTunes app store or Cydia, but now we can record iPhone call if you needed even your iPhone already jailbreak or without jailbreak.

Call Recording App For iPhone


A call recording cydia app, Audio Recorder costs $3.99 which compatible with iPhone 5 and 4S allow users recording calls on iPhone, please take note speaker and receiver recording available for iPhone 5, speaker recording for iPhone 4.

Open Cydia > Manage > Source > Edit > Add, type

call recording app


Find and install net.limneos.callrecorder, pay 3.99 with PayPal or credit card.

You may notice a Rec red icon appeared during call conversation. All the call recording files stored on Audio Recorder app according incoming and outgoing calls.

call recording on iphone


Tapping on recording file > tap on top left button sending the recorded voice files through email as reference.

Record iphone call


Without Jailbreak

Those iPhone without jailbreak users who need to enable record phone calls feature, please visit iTunes Apple app store find King Of Record app and installed. This is free app with advertisement embedded and can send two recorded voice file every month, go for RecordKing Pro ($2.99) if you don’t want any restrictions.

This iPhone app support voice recording in the background in speaker mode. As using Skype or any VOIP make and receive calls, tap on speaker button then press iPhone HOME button > press and turn on King Of Record app starting recording voice calls.

call recording


You will see the call recorded file after end of the calls, now you select play or delete the file, tapping on pencil button adding notes.

iPhone call recording