eCalc : Powerful Online Calculator

7 25 2008+5 01 41+PM

If you need a scientific calculator for your working or studying but didn’t bring the calculator at that time,how to you do ?It does not matter, here a free online version calculator –, you do not have to download,just use your web browser.It is powerful, operation is simple, even have several units conversion functions. I believe that after you used it,you will ignore the Windows built-in “calculator” application.

There are two online calculator for your chosen ( basic and Scientific ).

Basic Calculator

Functions are quite simple ,almost same as the calculators that sold in the market.

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Scientific Calculator

7 25 2008+5 10 58+PM

Around the screen is divided into two sides, the left is the calculator, the right is unit, constant, algebra conversion.

Just enter the value in the –> column,then select the menu ( speed,power,volume…) and the unit,after that select units to be converted.

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If you want to run the eCalc without internet connection,you can select ‘File’ from your web browser,then select ‘save page as ‘,save in ‘web page,complete‘ type.

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Then delete ads.htm and show_ads.js these two files,there will no any advertisement pop out to trouble you during using eCalc offline.

eCalc website :

Demo video :