eBay : Get Your Software Product Key With Pay ( Very ) Less

Yesterday received a email asking me that how i got so many software product key and also asking am i a software agent distributer ? Well,i am not a software distributer but collected product key is one of my hobby.

Normally the product keys that i got from searching internet,exchange keys with others,applied keys during promotion period but most of the keys are purchased from eBay.Are you believed ?

Ebay is a website where you can trade the things or goods.You will come across some ‘weird’ items listed in the eBay ( i ever came across a person listed ‘shit’ item in eBay,definitely it not belong to human ).If you type ‘product key’ or ‘license key’ in the ebay search bar,you will find out so many software product or license keys for sell and bid,moreover the pricing is quite low,normally less than USD 10.00 for a ‘buy it now’ items.

Remembered Avast antivirus product key free giveaway in last month ? I purchased a pack of this software product keys from eBay are cost around USD 45~50 only ( i forgot the actual price ),inside have 20 Avast antivirus product keys.If you purchased from Avast and looking for their price list,you need minimun USD 700 to get 20 product keys with 3 years license.

sshot 1

I will not going deeper to tell you how to trade in eBay or finding a good reseller,what i wanted to told all of you is if you wanted to purchase some software ,why not spend a little of time searching in eBay,maybe you can get it with pay less ( actually is pay very less ).