Backup Windows, Files With EaseUS Todo Backup Home

EaseUS Todo Backup Home is one of best backup and restores software in the market. This application allows you to perform full, disk partition and system backup & recovery for your data in computer and restore it within few clicks, after being accidentally deleted, removed in a virus attack.

Backup Windows system is necessary to prevent something goes wrong such as software failure, virus attack or system crash till you cannot reboot the system. So, you need to have a good backup application for your computer.

The interface of the program is easy to use. All the backup and restore steps are guided by the build-in wizards without technical required.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home Features

System backup of EaseUS Todo Backup Home let you creating a backup copy of the Windows system and all the installed applications. the backup copies can be saved on external drives, NAS device or an FTP server directly from the program. The whole process can be started on demand or scheduled to repeat every day, week and month.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home

When something goes wrong somewhere, you can restore the system instantly and saves time to troubleshoot.

Moreover, file backup option in this application where supports full backup, incremental backup and differential backup. You can choose to back up only specific files, folders or file types.

system backup and restore

There is where Disk/partition backup allows you back up entire disk, partition or GPT disk to image with full backup, incremental backup, differential backup and schedule backup. As you have image file created by EaseUS Todo Backup Home, all these problems such as hard disk failure or virus infection will be easily solved, saving your hours of hard work to reinstall computer and getting the system running again in no time.

Windows backup

This application also offers disk/partition clone, secure data wiping, mounting image and others advanced features.

EaseUS Todo Backup Home retails for $29.00 for activation, which affordable backup solution for everyone.