EA Games Daily Spin Giveaway

Today EA mobile organize EA games daily spin giveaway to let iPhone. iPad and iPod users to win free EA games daily, total seven games that you can win include Tetris, Mass Effect Infiltrator, Battlefield:Bad Company 2, Sims 3, Mirror’s Edge, Skate 3 and Lemonade Tycoon. This EA games daily spin free giveaway closing date is fall on Jan 3, 2013.

EA Games Daily Spin, How To Win


First use your iOS devices default web browser (Safari) visit http://eamobile.com/dailydeals, then tab on 「PLAY NOW」 red color button, please refresh web page if can’t notice this.

EA games giveaway


Now tab on 「PLAY NOW」 green color button and wait for web page loading.

EA daily spin


Tab on 「Tab TO SPIN」 button.

7 EA games to be win


Tab on 「GET YOUR CODE」 button.

EA games  free redeem code


Enter in your email and select your region country, then tab on 「SUBMIT」 button. You may need to wait 24 hours for the redeem code arrive to your email.

Free games from EA


EA mobile already set only one hit daily for EA daily spin and can’t use same email address getting others games code. Please take note.

Today i got SIM 3 game code, What is yours ?

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