Dr.Web For Windows 5.0 Free Product Key For One Year And Upgrade To 6.0 Version

Are you looking for antivirus / antispam software ? I think you should hear about Dr.web.Now i will sharing with you how to get Dr.web for windows 6.0 with free for one year.

The latest version of Dr.web for windows is v 6.0.First you have to get Dr.web for Windows 5.0 product key then update the software client to v 6.0 with free.First go to this china web site register as a member,follow the step as mentioned below;Dr,web 6.0

Then double click the selection region as below;

Dr,web 6.0

Now you have to answer the survey.Total 15 question and you no need know Chinese language,just select the answer randomly and scroll down to end of page,click the blue color icon submit the survey.

Dr,web 6.0

The web page will showing you a valid Dr.web for Windows 5.0 product key.Download Dr.web for Windows 5.0 installer and running set up.How to key in the product key please refer this post.

Dr,web 6.0

Then update the software client and you will getting Dr.web for Windows 6.0 free for one year.

Enjoy the download.