Dropbox Enable 2-Step Verification Avoid Account Hacked

Few weeks back some Dropbox users found that their accounts hacked and their username and password stolen from other websites were used to sign in Dropbox, Dropbox promised adding 2-step verification to secure and improve safely Dropbox users account due to security concerns. Now they commitment has been achieved by adding optional two-step verification for all Dropbox accounts.

However, 2-step verification is still beta status which you need download beta build to enable this feature.

Download the beta client from the link above and installed, please make sure the install software client upgrade to latest version (1.5.12).


Enable Dropbox 2-Step Verification

Then visit this 2 step verification link where you may need to login your account, you will notice Dropbox has enabled 2-step verification feature.

Enable Dropbox 2 step verification


Scroll down the page till notice change 2-step verification, click on it.

set up 2 step verification


You will be presented following steps how to enable 2-step verification.

set up 2 step verification

set up 2 step verification


Here i would like use text message to receive security code.

text message receive security code


Enter mobile phone number.

receive security code

enable 2 step verification


A pop up windows will appear after enter security code  that receive by your mobile phone. This emergency back up code please keep it safe as you need to disable 2-step verification or lost your phone, now click on 「Enable 2-step verification」 icon to enable this function.

emergency back up code


From now on as new PCs or mobile devices try to login your Dropbox account then you mobile phone will receive security code, without enter this security code even if already enter correct password still can’t access to the account, this is most secure way to secure Dropbox.


Disable 2-Step Verification

Visit same page and click on change 2-step verification, enter account password to disable this feature.

disable 2 step verification


If you are suspect someone access your Dropbox account, then go to 「Security」 tab > 「My Devices」, inspect all the device connect to your Dropbox account. Click on 「Unlink」 to kick off  all the devices then enable 2-step verification to have most secure and privacy storage.

Remarks: Dropbox 2-step verification final released today (28/8/2012).