Drive Manager : A Useful Tool Viewing Drive Information At A Glance

If you have a lot of different type of drive such as hard drive, CD-ROM, flash drives, network drives,it will become difficult to view and manage.Here have a software can show all the drive information such as brand, model, capacity, file format, hard disk SMART information, test drives, and other functions.It was quite convenient,useful and also free for use.

Drive Manager runs as a standalone EXE file and displays Label, Type, Size, Used, Available, Format, Serial number and Percentage free for each local and removable drive.

Main Functions

1.Refresh – Press F5 key.

2.Explorer – Use window explorer to open up selected drive.

3.Eject CD

4.Hide – You can using this function to hide drives from Windows Explorer ( need to reboot the computer to turn on this function ).

5.Properties – Same function as right click menu (properties) on the local drive.

6.Subt – Create a virtual drive for a selected folder.

7.Disk Info – Can perform drive benchmark.

8.SMART – Select drive then click ‘SMART’ and displays all the drive informations.

9.Chk disk – Run Window build in ‘Chk disk’ application.

10.CD/DVD – Selected CD/ROM drive and click at the top of the “CD / DVD” button for information, including support for CD-ROM format. The top right corner of Analyse Disk to identify the current using CD is what kind of format, such as CD, DVD.

Moreover right click for the selected drive will showing you list of menu,

I believed that you will feel that this small software is really useful.Next time you no need to click ‘My Computer’ icon to view drive information as you using this drive Manager software.

Drive Manager supports Window 98/ME/2000/XP and it’s a freeware .

Download Drive Manager .