Draw Something Need Read And Send SMS Permission As Update,Be Careful

Recently a bad news for Draw Something loses 5 millions uses a month after Zynga purchased may due to Draw Something users might be getting bored of drawing same thing over and over again.Recently Draw something having new update for their iOS and Android app trying get back all those lost users,however some Draw Something users found that Android version request read and send SMS permission after update to latest version.

The new Draw Something Android version are adding (according Google Play)

  • Push notifications
  • Comments on drawing
  • Undo your last line
  • Update on demand – pull down to refresh
  • Use of this application is governed by the Zynga Terms of Service. Collection and use of personal data are subject to Zynga’s Privacy Policy – (What’s this ??? This item i can’t find in iOS version)

draw something app

A Draw Something employee mentioned that latest Android update requests SMS permissions to support additional payment methods (for example, in the future if you want to buy, you can choose to charge it to your phone bill). As we know purchase Android app we can do it via Google Play,so some users suspected that  Draw Something is use SMS permission to do some activities after gained SMS permission.

Recently there are lot of advertisement appeared on Draw Something  after Zynga purchased especially for free version,seem Zynga looks to squeeze more money out of Draw Something.

If you are still using Draw something Android app,please don’t update it.

Source: Getsatisfaction

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