Download Thai LINE Stickers For iPhone With VPN

Some iPhone users facing connection problem as using free Japan VPN download free LINE stickers from Japan as following steps from free LINE stickers download with VPN on iPhone and android. i am not sure either due to VPN server is busy or some steps are already miss out, so here i would like to show you step by step tutorial how to download free LINE stickers for iPhone.

We need to use VPN to bypass regions restriction to download free sticker that unavailable at your region. Here i will use free Thailand VPN getting free sticker with iPhone.

Visit, the web page showed valid username and password for Thailand VPN account, this free trial account have some limitation that allow users access to Thailand region for 20 minutes and same IP can only connect three times per day, users need to refresh the web page to get latest password for Thailand VPN account.

Free thailand VPN account


Download LINE Stickers For iPhone

On iPhone go to setting > general > network > VPN > add VPN configuration,

  • Connection : PPTP
  • Description : key in any name
  • Server :
  • Account : refer to flyvpn web page
  • Password : refer to flyvpn web page

Save it.

VPN PPTP set up on iPhone


Before start using VPN connection, we need to link our email  and Facebook account with iPhone LINE app, then uninstalled it.

LINE iPhone app


Now download again LINE app for iPhone and installed again then login with email address.

Tab on more > stickers shop > tab on new or event tab, now we can select free Naver stickers from Thailand region and download it.

LINE stickers for ThailandLINE stickers for iphone


Or visit line polppolservice web site, choose Thailand free sticker by tab on stickers link, we will notice the stickers download for iPhone is available.

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