Download Prevx SafeOnline Prevent Phishing,Keylogger Threats In Internet

If you concerned about safely,private information or any internet fraud during browsing internet,here i sharing another free giveaway from Prevx,called ‘Prevx Safeonline‘.

Prevx safeonline works as safeguard protect your sensitive information on all the browsing activities in internet,include online banking,password login and so on.Moreover,it also as browser defender for Phishing attacks,Keyloggers,Screen Grabbers,Cookie Stealers and info Stealing Trojans.Prevx Safeonline fully supports web browser as below;

  • Internet Explorer (versions: 5/6/7/8)
  • Mozilla Firefox (versions: 1/2/3)
  • Google Chrome (versions: 2/3)
  • Opera (versions: 9/10)

Prevx Safeonline is a shareware costs US $14.95 but you can get it free in Prevx on Facebook.This special versions not include malware protection.

If you have Facebook account,go to Prevx on Facebook and download.

Those don’t have any Facebook account,log into this page and download.

Once install,your web browser will add a small tab on top of your browser and let you knowing you are protected.

prevxsafeonline 1

There are 3 kind of color tab

1.Green with check mark – website is being protected but not as HTTPS website.

2.Green with padlock – website fully protected and in SSL protection ( HTTPS ).

3.Blue – Not protected.

If you want the website is protected just click blue color tab and click again for ‘Add protection’ in drop down menu.

A small Prevx safeonline icon located at system tray.right click on it and select ‘Configure Monitoring ‘ option,then a main window interface appear.

prevxsafeonline 4

Select ‘Configure for Safeonline Browser security’ to configure website security level setting.The default setting already at there but you can configure the setting to be more secure and protected.

prevxsafeonline 2

I try using antikeylogger and screenlogger simulation test from Zemana to test how good of Prevx safeonline.At the end Prevx safeonline stop these two software execution and showing the threats result.

prevxsafeonline 5

If you are concern browsing safely,you can try using Prevx safeonline.