Download Free Naver LINE Stickers And Games [Limited Time]

I had shared Naver line stickers hack how to free download line stickers that for line Japan region only, however all this free stickers available for iPhone users, Android users can’t enjoy these freebies. Today if you download free game from Naver line then you can get line stickers with free.

Today Naver free giveaway 4 types of LINE games to iPhone and Android users (LINE POP, Cartoon Wars, LINE Patapoko Amimal and Home Run Battle Burst), after download the games you can get access free line stickers download, no matter you are from Asia, US or other’s region. Remember these free stickers download giveaway closing date is on 22/11/2012.

Free Naver LINE Stickers And Games

LINE game


Download LINE POP for iPhone and Android.

2.Cartoon Wars


Free LINE games


Download Cartoon Wars for iPhone and Android.

3.LINE Patapoko Amimal


Naver LINE game


Download LINE Patapoko Amimal for iPhone and Android.

4.Home Run Battle Burst

Naver LINE free games


Download Home Run Battle Burst for iPhone.

After download completed, you are able download line stickers with free by tab on sticker shop > New tab option.

Free Naver stickersNaver line stickers free


Remember that Naver line stickers download would be disappeared if you are trying delete the games but you can access through Setting > Stickers > My stickers option, you can download back all disappear stickers and use it for free forever.

PS: If LINE Naver games can’t start up on your jailbreak iOS devices, Please find the solution provided by Techgravy blog (24/11/2012).

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