Download Free LINE Stickers Spain With Vpn One Click

Currently Naver LINE Spain celebrate reaching the 10 million users mark, now they decided giveaway free LINE stickers to the users appreciate of their supported, this free giveaway will be end on March 28. 2013. If you are interested LINE stickers Spain from Naver, don’t miss it.

Nowadays the trick of getting free Naver LINE sticker is using virtual private network (VPN) or proxy. We need a Spain VPN to bypass region restriction downloading free LINE stickers for Android and iPhone that unavailable at your region, we can download vpn one click app from Google play store and iTunes app store to bypass region restriction with Spain vpn server provided.


Free LINE Stickers From Spain


We need to link our email and Facebook account with Android LINE app, don’t register phone number with the LINE app.

Link email and facebook with Android LINE app


If phone number already registered with LINE app, tab on clear data to uninstall phone number on LINE app. Make sure to backup LINE history before do this step if LINE conversation is important for you, then force close it.

force stop line app


Download Vpn one click from Google play and installed, then choose Spain vpn connection. You will notice the IP and origin country change to Spain region if vpn connection is successful.

vpn one click android appspain vpn server


Now start up LINE app and login with email address after Spain VPN connected successful. Go To More > Stickers shop, tap on new tab, now we can select free LINE stickers from Spain region and download it.

Free line stickers for android


We need to link our email and Facebook account with iPhone LINE app, then uninstalled it and reinstall again.

Download vpn one click app from iTunes app store and installed, start running vpn one click app on iPhone and then tapping on update configuration option.

vpn one click app for iPhone


Install vpnoneclick profile into iPhone.

Install vpn one click profile


Now turn on WiFi connection and go to setting > vpn > turn on vpn and select Spain ip (pptp).

Spain PPTP vpn on iPhone


Now running LINE app and login with email address. Tab on more > stickers shop > tap on new tab, download LINE stickers Spain.

LINE sticker spain


After stickers download completed, disconnected vpn connection and login LINE app on your iPhone or android device, go to settings > stickers > purchase history, all the line naver stickers free download at Spain region appeared on stickers available option, tap it and download again then can use it for free.

You can refer below for more details how to use vpn connection.

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