Download Different Regions Free LINE Sticker For Android Without VPN

Currently we have to use virtual private network (VPN) or proxies bypass region restriction download Naver free LINE sticker for Android only available in certain geographical locations, we need to get a VPN account and server then step by step enter all details to set up virtual private network connection on Android devices. It’s quite tedious set up different VPN connection for all regions.

Techgravy blog ever shared few posts regarding download free LINE sticker for Android devices directly without setup VPN connection like using market unlocker app, givemestickers (我就是要貼圖) Android app and others but LINE already block it especially givemestickers app pulled down from Google Play Store, i like to use givemestickers app because i do not need bother which VPN connection have to use, i just choose what kind of stickers that i like it, then the app will do necessary steps connect to Naver LINE sticker concern automatically.

Download Android Free LINE Sticker

First of all, let me remind you that this app applied to root android devices, LINE app link to email and Facebook account without phone number registered, follow tutorial how to delete LINE messenger account phone number.

Download LINE stickers without vpn

Start up Android LINE app and log in with email address, then download givemestickers app and installed.

The app will show all the LINE Naver stickers available for all regions such as Thailand, Japan, Taiwan and more. Tap a sticker logo start to download.

Free line sticker

Tap “OK” button confirm to download.

Givemestickers android app

The app will connect to sticker that you choose with VPN automatically. The screen show the stickers download details if VPN connect is successful, otherwise error page showed and have to try again.

我就是要貼圖 android app

Now you can download the Naver stickers with free.


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