Download Free For Grand Theft Auto 1 & 2

For those video game players should known Grand Theft Auto 4(GTA4 )these popular game.Now Rockstar Games decided to release GTA1 and GTA2 with free,you can download from internet and no need to pay any fee,just submit your some personal information.

This released game plan is called Rockstar Classics.Go to Rockstar Classics website,select the game (GTA1,GTA2,Wild Metal).


Scroll down to end of page and enter in your personal information and click ‘submit’,then can download the game.

GTA1 and GTA2 are modified from its original version to enable support for PC and Window operation system but not 100% guarantee ( stated in disclaimer) .

After download,users need to be following instruction installed the game into computer.


Above instruction already stated in the Rockstar Classics website.

Enjoy your download.

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