Where Download Adobe Flash Player, Can’t Find On Google Play Store

Finally Adobe removed Adobe flash player from Google play store and Android 4.1 users will no longer be able to download Adobe flash Player from Google’s Play Store. Those Android users who already have the Flash Player installed will still be able to use it for now and will still be able to receive updates till they android devices updating beyond Android 4.0.x version.

You may ask is it we can’t watch any website with flash content when used with the latest version of Android, known as 4.1 Jelly Bean ? Well we able download Adobe flash player APK installation file from official website and installed if you delete flash player plug-in accidentally.

Due to HTML 5 had become best solution for creating and deploying content in the browser across mobile platforms, Abode announced its decision to end development of the mobile Adobe Flash Player and concentrate to develop the player for PCs and Adobe Air platform.

Now you can’t find Adobe flash player android app in Google play store as typed 「Adobe flash player」.

download adobe flash player

Download Adobe Flash Player For Android

If you visit Adobe flash player description page on Google Play store, indicated that Flash Player will no longer be updated for the new Android devices that support to Android 4.0.x version only, that means after your Android devices updated to Android 4.1 version, Adobe will not patch vulnerabilities even critical vulnerabilities flash player happen.

update flash player


You still able to install Adobe flash player if your android devices are 4.0.x version, visit Adobe flash player description page with logged in, click 「Install」.

install Adobe flash player


Those updated to beyond android 4.0 version (such as 4.1 Jelly Bean), you can visit archived Adobe player version page then select latest Adobe flash player app for android (11.1 version) APK file installation file downloading to computer and uploaded to Android phone, click on it to install.

adobe flash player apk file


It’s more safe and secure download and install flash player from Adobe official website.