DiskInternals ZIP Repair : Fix Your Damaged Zip Files

Are you ever experienced when you try to extract the content from a zip files,you will see a message “Cannot open file: it does not appear to be a valid archive” ?It means that the zip files already corrupted or damaged,then you need a special tool or software to fix it.Here Diskinternals ZIP Repair can help you.

Diskinternals ZIP Repair is a tool that can help you fix damaged zip archives, so they can be extracted and any undamaged files salvaged. If the smallest portion of a zip archive becomes corrupted, you normally will not be able to open the archive at all, even though most of the files contained in it may be completely intact. Diskinternals ZIP Repair enables you to overcome this problem and extract the files whenever possible.

Selected the corrupted file and location of the repaired file then click ‘Next’,

Then will show you the status of content inside the zip files that can be repaired.After repaired,you can extract the content from after repaired zip files normally.

As i observed,this software cannot fix what is missing or broken, but it enables you to salvage the files that were not damaged.

This is a freeware and supports Window all.

Download Diskinternals ZIP Repair .

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