How To Disable Windows 7 Auto Arrange Mode

Windows XP allow users using drag and drop method to put same type of files together in a same folder directly for easy manage purpose. However Windows 7 already disable manual arrange function and all the files inside a same folder will be in Windows 7 auto arrange mode which enable by default, all the files names are sorted alphabetically no matter what folder view you used.

You can’t use drag and drop method or manual arrange first four photos in a folder become listing at the end in Windows 7 as picture below,

Windows 7 auto arrange


Now we run a bat file to let manual arrange mode enable on windows 7.

How To Disable Windows 7 Auto Arrange Mode

1.Download Disable_Windows_7_Explorer_Auto_Arrange bat file and save it. Now Double click on this bat file.

2.A command prompt open and wait for explorer to restart.

Disable Windows 7 auto arrange


3.Now i can move the files to anywhere manually.

Windows 7 disable auto arrrange


Download Enable_Windows_7_Explorer_Auto_Arrange bat file if you need to enable back auto arrange mode in Windows 7.

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