How To Disable Whatsapp Auto Download Images On Android

Whatsapp auto download images option missing on latest iPhone and Android Whatsapp version, if you are untick auto download images on earlier version then this option will appear continuously after update to latest version but auto download images option would disappear on iPhone and Android devices if auto download (with a tick) enable on earlier version.

Techgravy blog shared a trick how to get back Whatsapp auto download images option missing on iPhone by edit plist file then we can disable auto download images on Whatsapp. However we can’t do same thing on Android Whatsapp caused Whatsapp server will deny activate this option, we can’t access to setting option disable auto download images on Android devices.

If you are looking for a solution disable Whatsapp auto download images on Android, you can try below trick.


Disable Android Whatsapp Auto Download Images

This trick can apply to any Android devices without rooted.

Download whatsapp for Android and installed. First force close Whatsapp to disable running at background, then turn on airplane mode on android devices.

Android Whatsapp

Install old version 2.8.1504 of Whatsapp without uninstall current version. You can use Google search and find it.

Change date and time to Oct, 2012.

Change Android time


Start up and run Whatsapp app on Android, go to Settings > chat settings > untick auto download images option.

Whatsapp auto download image option


Turn off airplane mode, change back date and time to current month and year.

Go to Google play store update latest Whatsapp version and authentication again, you may find that auto download images is back on latest Whatsapp version.

Update Whatsapp messengerDisable Whatsapp auto download

We can disable and enable auto download anytime.

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