Disable Facebook Facial Recognition Prevent Identifies Faces From Tagged Photos

Recently Facebook roll out facial recognition feature by default automatically for all outside of the US Facebook users.Facial recognition by Facebook will tag you automatically as you or your friends uploaded photo to Facebook,then will publishing to wall with message ‘YOU NAME was tag on ABC album’,so as someone computer mouse across the photo,you name will appear and can find your Facebook link.

There are no privacy concern.Now can disable facial recognition on Facebook to prevent others tagging you in photo without your permission.

1.Go to ‘Account’ –> ‘Privacy Setting’ –> ‘Customize Setting’ after log in Facebook Account,you can find two setting that already squared it.

facebook Facial recognition

2.Click ‘Edit Setting’ on photos or videos you are tagged in option,edit who can tagged you.

facebook Facial recognition

3.Now click’ Edit Setting’ on suggest photo of me to friends option,select ‘disable’ on it.

facebook Facial recognition

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