Disable Autorun And Safely Remove Drive To Protect PC With Antirun

Antirun is a Windows program that will disable autorun executing automatically as you insert removable media devices such as
USB, SD Card, External hard drives and others, it will prevent autorun virus spread through to your PC and at the same time Antirun has an option to safely remove (eject) a drive to prevent physical damage.

Antirun help you disable autorun by remove autorun.inf program as found in any removable media devices. It’s will scan through all the removable devices as insert to PC, Antirun does not have any anti-virus capabilities, it cannot distinguish which autorun.inf file is good or bad one but will provide an option delete the file opening the drive in safely.

Disable Autorun

An USB icon appeared at system tray after download Antirun and installed, all external devices are listed in tabs whereas as insert external drive to PC, the dialog box will displays Open disk, Eject and remaining disk space and consuming, Immunize from virus is an option if you purchase Antirun Pro version.

remove autorun


As inserting an external drive with autorun.inf contained inside will shows Autorun Detect red color message, now you can click Delete to remove autorun.inf file to prevent PC inflected by autorun virus.

Moreover, Antirun having a Setting option let you select Run Antirun at Windwos Startup or Disable autorun on all devices avoid autorun virus.

remove autorun


You just drag and drop the files or folder to Antirun dialog as you need to copy necessary file to your removable drive, it’s more convenient and you no need to open up removable drive.


Antirun consume memory ram less than 3 MB. If your PC always shared by others and use USB drive for transferring files, installing Antirun will kept your PC safely avoid any autorun virus.

Antirun compatible with Windows XP, Vista and 7.

Antirun: http://antirun.net/

PS: Antirun will install a toolbar during running set up wizard, better uncheck for install toolbar as completing Antirun set up wizard at the end.