Different Way Send Large Files In Internet

Normally we will using some web storage or send large files with email service for sharing large files with friend purpose.Is there any alternative way sending large file to your friend with fastest way ?

1.File Over Miles

File Over Miles is a new web 2.0 service let you send large files to your friend with peer to peer (P2P) transfer.You no need to install any software,just using web browser and no intermediate servers.
Upload the files and a unique URL generated by File Over Miles,then give this URL to your friend,your file is encrypted (uses 128-bit AES) and sent it with safe.


Fileai.com has similar service as file Over Miles,use web browser and transfer with P2P type ( with Java installed).


PipeBytes is an online service that allows you to send large files via web browser ,it also created a download link and you can share with you friend.This most interesting thing is PipeByte didn’t limit the file size,that means you can sending the files as large as you want.Second is your friend can download immediately once you start uploading the files,no need wait for you upload completed.

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