Diablo 3 Server Checker: Play Diablo 3 Without Error Message [Android App]

The popular Diablo 3 game already released and lot of gamer staring crazy for it.However may due to lot of gamer addict for this game and causing Diablo 3 server already over load and appear error messages.Now a Diablo 3 server checker Android app already in Google Play which can help game player checking diablo 3 server status.

Diablo 3 server checker Android app developed by Eluamous where ever developed Would Of Warcraft server checker before.The Diablo 3 status are pulled from US Battle.net and allow players viewing status of all US, European, and Asian Diablo 3 servers including server name and region.

Diablo 3 Server Checker On Android

1.Download Diablo 3 server checker from Google Play and installed,users can choose the server from US, European, and Asian or all the countries.

Diablo 3 Server Checker


2.Now you can notice the server status from the region where you choose.

Diablo 3 Server Checker


3.Moreover Diablo 3 server scheduled maintenance information also can get from this android app status checker by tab on 「Official Status Threads」,then you know the time which server is perform maintenance and choose others server continue the game.

Diablo 3 Server CheckerDiablo 3 Server Checker


You also can add  widget to home screen by select your favorite Diablo 3 server.

Now you can choose which Diablo 3 server that you liked without any error message.

Download Diablo 3 server checker from Android Play.

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