How To Detect Malaysia AES Camera Locations

Malaysia AES (Automated Enforcement System) become hot topic in Malaysia recently. AES is traffic camera system to capture traffic offender photo and summons, JPJ Malaysia has a list AES camera location and published in their official website. However the AES camera location (speed trap cameras and traffic cameras) provided by JPJ Malaysia are uncompleted, we (Malaysian Driver) may scare getting summon as there are no warnings or slow down signs are given nearby location of AES camera.

All AES camera installed at locations blackspot and total of 831 cameras are planned to be installed within 18 months in Malaysia. So how to avoid getting summons or get alert over speed and can detect all these AES camera locations ? You got benefit if you are using Android smart phone.

Detect Malaysia AES Camera Location

AES Detector with Map is app for Android with interactive mapping feature. It’s provides you graphical list of AES location on map, this Android app will also alert you with both speech and beep sound as cameras detected. You will not more headaches or worries about hidden traps then can drive and easily avoid being caught with help of this app.

AES camera detector Android app


Please be alert AES Detector with Map app need internet connection to get surrounding cameras shown on map which need data usage.

If your android phone doesn’t come with unlimited 3G connection, try with AES Detector Android app which having similar function with AES Detector with Map app. This App can show the list of AES mounting location in Google map without 3G internet connection but it’s show AES speed trap cameras only, traffic cameras location didn’t add in into this app completely within Malaysia after tried.

AES location detector Android app


Don’t worry if you didn’t own an android phone. An unofficial web site provided all those AES location, do check out this website and all the AES camera are shown on the map.

AES camera location Malaysia