How To Delete LINE Messenger Account Register Phone Number

Techgravy blog received some comment or mail from LINE messenger users asking how to delete LINE account phone number or why need to enter confirmation code sent via SMS from Naver LINE etc as they try to download free LINE stickers from restriction countries through VPN. I already described the method that how to delete LINE account registered phone number in the post how to get free LINE stickers with virtual private network (VPN) or proxy but few LINE users still can’t get it.

Currently the trick getting Naver free stickers from other countries is using VPN to bypass region restrictions with condition your LINE messenger account have to link to email address and Facebook account without register with phone number. If you need to delete LINE account phone number please follow step by step as below.


Delete LINE Messenger Account Phone Number


Before delete phone number make sure your Naver LINE account link to email address and Facebook account.

Android LINE messenger


Tap on clear data to delete register phone number on LINE then stop LINE running at background by tapping force stop option.

Delete register phone number on Android


Start up LINE app again and notice phone number option already change to 「Register phone number」, means phone number already deleted.

Trick delete phone number on Android



Since LINE app on iPhone don’t have any clear data option let you to clear data inside iPhone, you need to uninstall LINE app on iPhone then install back again, the registered phone number will be clear.

Delete register phone number on iPhoneTrick delete phone number on iphone


Now log in LINE with email address or Facebook account and follow the instruction mentioned on Techgravy blog getting free LINE stickers.

Remember you need to back up chat history before delete phone number caused any change to phone number will delete all chat history on LINE messenger naver immediately. You can use build in chat history back up feature or follow backup Naver LINE chat history for Android and iPhone post.

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