Deadfake : Make Your Own Fake Email Address

Sometimes we will receiving fake email such as send by (actual is that cheating us,we will fall into the trick if we are careless or didn’t notice it.Today you also can send these kind of fake email by using ‘deadfake’,a online web tool.

Deadfake is a free online anonymous fake email service. Users can use this tool send messages to anyone with the sender’s email address that you choose,like,there are no different for the recipient received the message, all the sender information seem as sending by real one.

Now,click ‘Send fake mail’ and will go to compose email web page,fill in the sender and recipient email address,subject and content,then sending out the email.

I use ‘’ as sender’s email address,


Then i received these email,


So,if you receive this kind of fake email,are you considering as ‘true’ email ? Actually at the bottom of every email that sending by deadfake already adding a line of text with ‘No, this email’s not real, it’s’.

The problem is ,are we noticed this text line ?

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