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There are lot of online cloud storage such as Dropbox,, Google Drive, SkyDrive and so over internet.Last month LogMein a company that provides software as a service-based remote connectivity released its own online cloud storage services, Cubby which can supports Windows, Mac, iPhone, iPad and Android platform.

You may ask what is the advantages of Cubby compared with Dropbox, Google Drive and others online storage services ? Well if you want sync files between PCs and devices like using Dropbox cloud service, you have to transfer or copy and paste files to Dropbox specified folder in PC then uploading and sync with others devices which having Dropbox folder too but Cubby cloud storage will give you different, you no need transfer or copy and paste files to specified folder in PC, just select any folder or files in local disk, then enable sync, that all.

That means if i want to sync Pictures located at Picture Library folder in Home PC to others devices with Cubby cloud storage then i enable sync Picture Library folder only, all the Pictures will transfer and sync to others devices. Moreover Cubby cloud storage also provided P2P transfer between any devices, this service almost like iCloud and will not occupied any storage space (Cubby provide 5GB cloud storage space in beta version) with P2P transfer between any devices


Cubby Cloud Storage In PC

1.After install Cubby software client into PC then need create a Cubby account with set up a password. 「My Cubby」 folder created after Cubby set up successful.

cubby cloud storage


2.Open up Cubby desktop application, now turn any folder become to share in Cubby by drag any folder onto the Cubby application or click add folder. Here i would like use Picture folder become to share in Cubby.

cubby cloud service


3.Install Cubby to new PC that need files or folder synchronized. Open Cubby application and click the folder (Picture folder) adding to new PC and start syncing, any files deleted or added in between PCs will be auto syncing and files will stays the same on both PCs.

install cubby cloud storage


If you want to collaborate review or edit files with others Cubby friends, simply click share icon and enter email address, then click 「Invite」 button. Your friends or colleagues will see share folder listed in their own cubby list, all the content in this folder having read and write access, any changes made to the cubby’s contents will appear to all Cubby members.

cubby cloud storage


Sometimes you just to share stuff with friends only and don’t want them try to access and edit your stuff. Open up Cubby cloud storage application and click link icon and the check box to make a public link,copy the link then sent to your friend and asking them download it.

cubby cloud service


Peer-to-peer (P2P) transfer for Cubby is to transferand share big files without storage limited between two PCs and  have to be online at the same time to share files. To avoid storage limits, make sure the Cubby does not sync with the cloud.

cubby P2P



After tried the sync speed is quite fast and i transfer 200 MB files through P2P, it’s took around 10 minutes completed. By the way we can get to choose which folders or files are stored in the cloud and which are shared between their own PCs and which get stored in multiple locations.

If you are interest have a trial for Cubby cloud storage,visit Cubby submit your email request invite.

Cubby for iOS and Android.

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