How To Create GPX Routes For Oruxmaps With Google KML, As Waypoints Navigation

Before i travel to a country, i will find out all the POIs at that place and mark it as waypoints in Google Maps, then export as KML file, also create a GPX routes file, import to Android OrusMaps use for navigation. The OrusMaps web site provides tutorial how to create OrusMaps route with a GPX file by using RouteConverter application, but didn’t mention how to import to the app.

RouteConverter is a free, user friendly GPS tool to display, edit, enrich and convert routes, tracks and waypoints. It helps you to plan routes and consolidate tracks. You may ask why we have to use this application since OruxMaps app already build in routes creator, well, we can’t create precise routes as your phone screen is smaller compared with the desktop.

Normally i use Google Maps to plan my routes, marked down all POIs locations on the map and saved it to account, after that export as a KML file and use it to create the GPX routes with RouterConverter.

Create OruxMaps GPX Routes

First, create your map with Google Maps, then export and save the KML file on the desktop (I will not explain more in this topic since you can find tutorial easily how to create a Google Maps KML file in internet).

Run RouteConverter program, then add the KML file into the application.

OrusMaps GPX Routes

Select “Route” type at “Convert” tab. Now you can re-arrange the waypoints, using move up or down button located at bottom application.

GPS tool

Click on File > Save As > Select GPX file type and saved it into the desktop.

GPX%20Routes 2

How To Add KML/GPX Files To OruxMaps App

Below step is confusing to most of the OruxMaps users, they don’t know where to store the KML and GPX files in the app, since OruxMaps app allows KML and GPX files overlapping and display on the screen.

Now transfer these two files into OruxMaps\tracklogs folder, then launch OruxMaps.

Tap on routes icon > Load KML/GPX file, then tap on KML file.

Load GPX and KML files

All the waypoints created showing on the screen, now load GPX file to overlap with a Google KML file.

GPX%20Routes 6

The GPX routes appeared on the screen, so you know where is location and follow the routes that you planned.

OrusMaps GPX routes

If you want to add Google Maps to Android OruxMaps, follow below the tutorial.

Let the maps Show your prefer Language.