Create Another IE Shortcut To Prevent Default Homepage Changed

Most of us still using Internet Explorer (IE) as main web browser but always happen the default homepage has been changed and indirect access to the homepage that have malicious program.Moreover,will caused your computer has infected by Trojan and slower down the start up speed.Is there any action to prevent this happen ? You need to create different IE shortcut…..

First,go to ‘My computer’ ->’C drive’ -> ‘Program Files’ ->’Internet Explorer’,
find the ‘iexplore’,then right click and select ‘create shortcut’,these shortcut transfer to the desktop. You will noticed that the original IE name as ‘Internet Explorer’ but these new shortcut is ‘iexplore’.

Then right click the ‘iexplore’ and select ‘properties’.In iexplore properties,select ‘shortcut’ and type in [“C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE” -nohome] in ‘Target’ column.Remember,in front of ‘ -nohome’ has a blank space,after that click ‘ok’ to close the iexplore properties.

When you open these web browser,the address bar is blank.then will not caused you direct to suspicious web site.