Create 3D Greeting E Cards With HowdyCard

Chinese lunar new year around corner,we may need to send some e cards through internet to friend or family.You can try HowdyCard that let you create e cards in 3D format.

chinese news year

HowdyCard is a online tool using variety three dimensional component and some special effects like snow,fireworks,plus upload own picture as background,then create a unique personalized 3D e cards.You need to register as a user,then can use others members design greeting e cards or make own greeting e cards.You can drag and drop the three dimensional component into design e cards and edit the component with resize,rotate and movement function.

Chinese news year

Then save or published if completed,now you can send 3D e cards to your friend.Moreover you can set your design greeting 3D e cards in private mode.

Why not using HowdyCard design your own lunar new year 3D greeting e cards ?