Core Monitor: Free Up iPhone Memory App, Grab It Fast As Free Now

iPhone 4 and 4S users may having an issues that lack of free memory, sometime we have to restart iOS devices again and again as iPhone or iPad didn’t include free up memory setting. Techgravy ever shared an app called System Activity Monitor which let users clean the ram by stop running some background processes, but this app you need to purchase it. Today an awesome app which got similar function with System Activity Monitor called Core monitor, is free for limited time, grab it as soon as possible.

Core Monitor App Main Feature

Core monitor is a powerful real time monitoring app which will display all information regarding real time wired, active, inactive memory visual status displays, real time CPU load displays and disk space and information. Moreover we can also view all currently running background application and monitor system processes and all background.

Core monitor free up memory app

You may encounter app crash or game is stopped suddenly in the past, it was because you didn’t have enough memory available to run it. The normal practice that we usual use is disable background running apps. But now, we can using this app to help you free up ram manually.

Free Up iOS Devices Memory Without JB

This feature is hidden, you just need to pull and release the system ram information list screen, the memory will be free up automatically.

Clean ram app

Core monitor app designed for iPhone and iPad, requires iOS 5.0 or later.

Download for iPhone and iPad from iTunes app store (free for limited time).

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