Convert To PDF Files Easily With Convert.r On iPhone and iPad

We may find lot of iPhone or iPad iOS convert to PDF apps but most of it are paid iOS apps. Convert.r app for iPhone and iPad allow users convert files to PDF format or into image files, it’s costs $5.99 but no is free for limited time. If you are looking for convert to PDF app for iOS devices, now is the best time to get it with free.

Convert To PDF With Convert.r App

Convert.r app which let you convert Microsoft office formats like Excel, PowerPoint or word to PDF, others than that Web Pages, Webarchive, Pages, Numbers and more to a PDF or Image files also not a problem. others features are,

  • Use the built-in web browser to surf the Internet and convert web pages to PDF or image format. If preferred, add the web pages to an existing PDF or save the web page as webarchive file format.
  • Select and arrange the PDF pages, rotate or delete the PDF page, then export to a new PDF or Images ( JPG or PNG).
  • Merge PDFs or images into single PDF file.
  • Insert image file from your photo album, or take a photo from your devices camera. You can draw an image with your finger, and crop the images. Also, you can convert BMP/TIFF/GIF/PNG/JPG to PNG or JPG.
  • Support for PDF conversion option settings such as: PDF Title, subject, author, password, paper size etc.
  • Simply Microsoft convert to PDF files such as Word, Excel, TXT, PPT, Web Pages, Webarchive, Pages, Numbers and more to a PDF or Image files; you can also add these file formats to an existing PDF.
  • Support Image conversion settings: change the image dimensions, image format ( Jpg, png ) or quality.
  • Import most common file types from other apps by using “Open In…”. Convert attachments from Mail and documents opened with Safari.
  • The converted files can be saved in folders, upload to Dropbox, printed or sent with an email or opened in other applications. The converted images can also be saved to the photo album.


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I tried convert a Chinese character web page to PDF format, the Chinese character appear correctly after conversion and don’t have any wrong encoding.

web page convert to pdf

web page to pdf


Another test i use Microsoft Excel with contained form and border content. Normally most of convert to PDF software will break the form and will create two pages after conversion completed.

convert Excel to pdf


As i convert same Excel file with Convert.r, it’s give a whole complete PDF file.

Excel to pdf


Final Thoughts

Convert.r app convenient to me while i need to convert Microsoft Excel file to PDF format especially with form or table format build inside Excel file. Overall PDF Converter Elite is easy to use with fast conversion.

Download Convert.r from iTunes app store.