Connectivity Of Your Web Site In Different Region

Still remember my post ‘What is your browser effect for web sites in different system’ ? This will make easy for you to design a good web site but it wasted if the network connection can’t connected,so how you know the network connection in different region ?##CONTINUE##

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Better try web site monitoring tool from use 12 global test server to monitor and test the network connections,include Minnesota,New York,California,Florida,Colorado,Texas,London,HongKong,Sydney,Frankfurt,Calgary,Amsterdam.They also provided HTTP,HTTPS,POP3,SMTP,FTP Server,PING,ICMP,UDP and DNSBL services.


If you want to have HTTP testing ,enter your URL and choose GET or POST (username and password are no need),then press RUN,the result will show;

Below is the result of my blogger,all are ok.Noname12345

Others feature are similar with HTTP testing.