How To Configure Unblock Youku On Firefox, iOS And Android, Watch Youku Movies [Updated]

Youku is video hosting website available for you to watch hundreds of movies and TV series online free, but all those videos are only available for Mainland China. We ever shared how to use Unblock Youku Google Chrome extension to watch them if you are live outside China.

A pop up window with message “Sorry this video only be streamed within mainland China” appeared as you are try to gain access Youku website from outside China. Unblock Youku extension is a good solution for getting access streaming Youku free movies, however this extension is available for Google chrome browser only, how about other web browsers, android or iOS devices any possibility Youku unblocked?

The developer provided PAC (Proxy Auto-Config) to allow users adding this proxy profile into Firefox browser, iOS devices that acted like chrome extension.


Unblock Youku Configuration Settings


Start up Firefox. Select Tools > Options > Advanced > Network > Connection Settings, key in “” then click “OK”.

firefox Unblock Youku watch online free movies

Alternative way we can use Come2china Firefox extension to bypass China region restriction watching online movies from Youku, but now a new Unblock Youku Firefox extension already developed without using PAC profile and changing any connection settings, that means we can access Youku easily and permanently.

iOS Devices

We cannot watch Youku online movies or video as try access Youku website with your iPhone or iPad due to copyright restrictions.

Turn on WiFi connection and choose your prefer connection network. Select “Auto” on HTTP Proxy option then key in “”, that all.

iOS watch China free movies


Android devices does not have any configuration settings let us install PAC profile, but we can put it into Firefox for Android web browser in alter way.

Download Firefox for Android and installed. Type “about:config” in the address bar, then type “proxy” in search column.

  • Find “network.proxy.autoconfig_url” setting then key in
  • Find “network.proxy.type” setting then change the value to 2.

Unblock%20Youku 8

The Firefox browser will access to Youku site and streaming video online.

Android streaming video from Youku

Another trick watch Youku without VPN connection.

How To Confirm Unblock Youku PAC Set Up Is Correct?

Visit with web browser, the page shows “true” means the PAC settings set up is successful in your devices.

Youku PAC setting

Use Unblock DNS (For PCs And Mobile Users)

If you do not want to install browser extension or PAC profile, you can choose to configure DNS server setting according to devices. PCs users fill the DNS fields as following:

Preferred Unblock DNS server :

Youku movie unblock


Now you can access and watch the movies after set up completed. Remember to clear your web browser cache and flush DNS resolver cache if get interrupted.

Below are two alternative Unblock DNS server provided if can’t access.

Alternate DNS Server 1:

Alternate DNS Server 2: