How To Check iPhone 6s Plus Use A9 Chip From TSMC Or Samsung

iPhone 6s and 6s plus already launched. Recently Chipworks found that TSMC and Samsung were developing Apple’s A9 chip for the device. APL0898, is a 96mm2 A9 that’s fabbed by Samsung. whereby the second SoC, APL1022, is a 104.5mm2 SoC fabbed by TSMC.

There are some confusion because TSMC to be using a 16-nanometer process while Samsung used a 14-nanometer process for iPhone 6s plus. The difference in size is to be expected, it is unclear that the two fabrication techniques will having variations in performance.

As a user, we can’t separate the different from the appearance and most people are not concern about it. How to check your new iPhone 6s plus is using A9 chip from Samsung or TSMC?

Check iPhone 6s plus Apple A9 Chip

iPhone 6s plus users can use “CPU identifier” app developed by Hiraku knowing your iPhone A9 SoC is come from TSMC or Samsung.

Using Safari web browser in iPhone, visit, select install the app.

iPhone 6s plus A9 chip

Tap on the app. Select trust on “Guangzhou Huimei Electronic Co. Ltd”, then you can see what kind of Apple A9SoC inside your Phone.

iPhone 6s plus A9 SoC

S8003 TSMC or S8000 Samsung.

CPU identifier