How To Check iPhone 6 Use MLC Or TLC Nand Flash Memory [Non-Jailbreak]

Recently Apple’s facing a problem on its iPhone 6 and Plus two latest smartphones, following user reports of unexpected crashes and devices that are stuck in a boot loop. According to BusinessKorea the problem was with the TLC (triple-level cell) NAND flash used by Apple in latest smartphone.

Only the 64GB iPhone 6 and the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus seem to be affected. Apple said to Be stopping use of TLC NAND Flash in iPhone and switch back to MLC (multi-level cell) NAND, which is more expensive than TLC but doesn’t come with such problems.

TLC NAND flash memory can store 3 bits of data percell, that’s 1.5 times as much as MLC flash data. TLC flash is also more affordable but is slower when reading or writing data. This may be part of the reason that the 128GB iPhone 6 Plus takes nearly 10 seconds longer to boot than the 16GB model. Why apple choose TLC flash on its latest iPhone model, the reason seems tied to cost cutting.

Discriminate MLC Or TLC On iPhone 6

iPhone users may worried their new iPhone what kind of the memory flash is using, by the way some people who plan to buy iPhone also having concern may buy a problematic phone. How to know your device is affected by this TLC flash?

You can find the solution check your iOS device by installed OpenSSH and IOKit Tools if your iPhone already jailbreak.

iPhone 6 TLC Nand


Then using SSH software such as PUTTY connect to iOS device.

You will see a detailed memory information report.

iPhone 6 TLC Nand


Those non-jailbreak iPhone users can use IOKITBroswer application developed by Matthias Gasser to check their device is either using triple-level cell NAND flash or not.

The IOKITBroswer source code now in GiTHub. compiled the code allow non-jailbreak device users able install the app.

Using Safari web browser navigate to Pgyer web site installing IOKITBroswer app, then launch the IOKitBrowser app, follow step by step to open directory

Root > N61AP > AppleARMPE > arm-io > AppleT7000IO > ans > AppleA7IOPV1 > AppleCSI > asp > ASPStorage

Under Children catalog.

iPhone 6 TLC Nand


A detailed memory information report appeared.

default-bits-per-cell = 3 is TLC
default-bits-per-cell = 2 is MLC
default-bits-per-cell = 1 is SLC