How To Check If My iPhone Or iPad Infect By XcodeGhost Malware

Recently XcodeGhost malware that modifies Xcode IDE to infect Apple iOS apps including popular messenger iOS app, WeChat. This potentially impacting hundreds of millions of users, the malicious code will uploading device and app information to its server without users acknowledge then able to perform fake alert dialog to phish user credentials or hijack opening specific URLs and so on.

Most of the iOS users may scare the apps that downloaded being infected by XcodeGhost. There is a report told that this malware not only infected iOS apps which are extremely popular in China, but also in other countries around the world.

Now Pangu Team from China, well known with develop iOS jailbreak tool, come out with XcodeGhost malware detection tool. This tool able to detect more than 800 apps which are infected.

Detect XcodeGhost Malware

This malware detection tool available for iOS 8 only and web site interface is using Chinese Simplified language.

Using safari browser visit website, tap on “Download now” > “Confirm download” button.

Pangu XcodeGhost Malware detect tool

Now select install option to allow detection tool install inside your iPhone or iPad. A Pangu XcodeGhost detect tool app will install inside your iOS devices.

Tap on that app and select “Trust” to allow the app running in your device. Now you can start to scan the apps by a tap on “Detect Malware” button.


You will see the scan result after the scan (My iPad showed 0 results).

Malware xcodeghost

You will see a pop-up message mentioned that the app still not yet trust on your device if you are iOS 9 user. Check for installed profiles in Settings > General > Profiles, find for “Shenzhen Avaintel Techno.. ” profile and tap on it, select trust on that app then can start to use the app.

hope can help you all.

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