How To Change OruxMaps Language Manually, Let Maps Show Your Prefer Language

Currently OruxMaps is my favorite map viewer on Android which is powerful and suitable for outdoor activities, supporting offline maps and GPS navigation. You can find OruxMaps language setting option is supports multiple languages, unfortunately there are no so much in the list especially traditional Chinese.

Currently OruxMaps app not allow download Google Maps as offline Map due to map source already removed as copyright issue, including Google Earth and Google Terrain. Luckily we can apply trick to get back all these Google Maps source into the app.

As i traveling in Taiwan, there are no traditional Chinese (zh_TW) selected in OruxMaps language settings. The map view showing is English language as i use Google maps for navigation.

Change OruxMaps language

Change OruxMaps Language

Its inconvenient for me, because of all streets and place of interest in Taiwan are shows in traditional Chinese. How can i use OruxMaps Android app download Google Maps as offline use?

Finally i check map configuration file format in the app and found that we can change the language setting in onlinemapsources.xml file by amend hl={$l}.

Go to oruxmaps/mapfiles folder, extract onlinemapsources.xml file and save to desktop.

Use Notepad open this xml file, then find “hl={$l}” in Google Maps and Google Terrain options. Change “hl={$l}” to “hl=zh_TW” and save it, now transfer back to oruxmaps/mapfiles folder, replace and overwrite old onlinemapsources.xml file, that all.

Google Maps on OruxMaps

Start running OruxMaps app on android. Now Google Maps view show in traditional Chinese language. If OruxMaps language setting not allow you to select your prefer language, you can use this trick change the setting.

Android navigation app

Sometimes the map view will not showing in your prefer language after amend the setting. You have to clear the map cache in the app by visit Settings > Maps > “Reset online Cache” and “Reset raster cache”.

Hope can help you all.