How To Change Existing Apple ID To Others Country Region [Without Create New ID]

As we know some apps free for limited time that will not let you download on your iPhone and iPad might be due to the Apple ID country region setting. For instance, New Zealand and Australia selected as the region to test the Plant vs Zombies 2 game where other countries Apple ID can’t use it to download the game, so how to download apps that not available at your country region ?

The easiest way is to create an iTunes app store account on that country such as create an account on the Australian or New Zealand App Store to download free Plant vs Zombies 2 game, this trick you can found on internet easily and i would not put more details in here. Second trick is to change existing apple ID to other country region that you preferred, without create apple ID, easy to you manage all the app store account with same app store account.


Change Apple ID

Use iPhone or iPad visit App Store and tapping on your ID (email address) > View Account > Enter password.

Change Existing Apple ID To Others Country Region


Tap on Country/Region option, change country region to your prefer region ( i select New Zealand to download Plant vs Zombies 2).

Change app store with other country region


Agree the App Store policy, enter all the details and payment card option please select None then can download Plant vs Zombies 2 game.

Plant vs Zombies 2 game


You can changed back to origin region at any time by repeat the steps mentioned above. Remember you need change back to the country region that downloads the apps to have updated.

If you are changing your country region, note that some apps might not appear in your iTunes App Store. In those cases, you may find it hard to get the particular app on your iPhone.