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How To Fold A T-Shirt In 2 Second

How to fold a t-shirt is not a secret to a housewife but done and finished within 2 second maybe you will thinking that it is impossible. This guy will show you how to do it within 2 second.Let watch the video.  

How To Take Out The Cork That Inside Bottle ?

Maybe you will thinking that i am stupid put these kind of title and you will told me that it’s easy,just broken the bottle only. These guy very smart,he taken out the cork without broken the bottle,if you don’t believe,let watch the video.  

How Your Credit Card Has Been Cloned

Now Malaysia’s bank issue credit card already upgraded to chip based credit card to prevent cloned or any misused but in other country,they still using magnetic stripe based credit card.We must beware and handle with careful during any commercial purpose.Let watch the video how