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Macbook Air Advertisement Music

Are you still remember the music in the Macbook air advertisement as released in Mac world 2008 ? I was impressed by this advertisement song,if you can’t remember,you can watch video below to recall back, The title of this song is New Soul and

Song Of Praise From Declan Galbraith

My friend was recommend me a singer from England who name is Declan Galbraith,aged 17+.I was quite impressed by the song ‘Tell Me Why’ sang by him as ten years old.He ever singing the song in front of Queen’s Jubilee.England and in Elton John

Frozen At Grand Central,New York

Improv Everywhere organized a group of people froze in place at Grand station,New York on a cold Saturday,they froze for five minutes in the main concourse of Grand central station at 2.30pm.most of the people there stopped to notice what was happen around them.