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Enable Opera 10 Hidden Features

These few days i was using Opera 10 browsing internet.I noticed that some of my Firefox browsing habits like ‘Super drag and drop’,’Double click close tab’ and etc can’t get in Opera 10 web browser.After searching internet,then i found the solution.

How To Put Gtalk Appear In Opera Sidebar

Few month ago i have a post regarding how to put Gtaik in Firefox sidebar,now i would like to show you how to made Gtalk appear in your opera sidebar without install Gtalk software,it was quite convenient and easy. 1.Open up Opera web browser.

Use Specified Keywords In Opera For Search Application

Previously i have two posts regarding ‘Use Specified Keywords In web browser For Search Application in Internet Explorer and Firefox.Now i will show you how to adds specified keywords in Opera for search application. 1.Take ‘Ebay Malaysia’ as a example.Right click at the searching