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Prevent Facebook Hack With Three Simple Steps

Yesterday came across news in Malaysia because of Facebook hack, the hackers using a guy account without his acknowledge having obscene conversation with a woman then lost his part-time job at the end.Now Facebook‘s popularity and become main target for hackers try to steal

Facebook Page Allow Users Schedule Post

Normally all the update and post publish on Facebook page are in real time,if you like the content to be publish on next day then have to use thirty party tool like Hootsuite. Now Facebook roll out Schedule Facebook Post for Page feature allowing

How To Move Photos To Others Album On Facebook

Facebook users like to upload and share photos, sometimes we will not well organize all photos uploaded to Facebook and found that some photos already wrong uploading to other photo album. Now Facebook provide transfer or move photos from one album to another photo

Remove Facebook Ticker Easily With One Click

Last year Facebook implemented new features called ticker on Facebook which will continuously refreshes with a stream of updates from your friends in Facebook layout.This new features caused Facebook users complain it and felt annoying,have to use web browser add on or extension to

How To Stop Facebook Trace Your Internet Behaviour ?

A hacker name Nik Cubrilovic revealed Facebook using cookies tracing user behaviors on internet,even if you are logged out.On top of that a leading Facebook official has admitted that it is using cookies to track the movement of its users for past 90 days.So,how